One of the best nature books I've read in years ‘The Hour of Land’.
-Andrew Wulf

The acclaimed nature writer's portraits of 12 parks go beyond perfect postcard tributes, and the resulting book couldn't have come at a better time.
-Pamela Tuohy

"The soil is dry. Grasses are brittle. I hardly dare breathe for fear of starting a fire." More from Terry Tempest Williams :
-High Country New

Writer and naturalist Terry Tempest Williams joins Doug to discuss her latest book, The Hour of Land. It's a paean to America's natural parks.
-Radio West

The Hour of Land is a poetic exploration of our National Parks by @TempestWilliams .
- Simon & Schuster

Terry Tempest Williams is a force of nature in at least two ways. First, she pleads forcefully on behalf of the natural world, especially national parks, wilderness areas and endangered species. And, second, she writes as she damn well pleases . . . the author’s trademark poetic prose dominates every page.
Dennis Drabelle, The Washington Post